Permanent Immigration Programmes

Canada is always looking for people with skills and value to add to the country. The main purpose of the Skilled Worker Program that exist at both the federal and provincial levels is to bring in skilled and educated talent in areas which are in need to further bolster the Canadian economy.

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Based in Waterloo, Ontario, we help clients with applications related to Canadian immigration such as permanent residence, temporary residence, family sponsorship, business sponsorship and Humanitarian Considerations; we also represents clients in complex immigration matters, including immigration appeals to the IAD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the eligibility conditions for Canadian citizenship:

  • Be a permanent resident
  • You have to pass a citizenship test 
  • File the taxes for at least three years
  • Prove your language skills in English or French
  • Must not have a criminal record

A permanent resident (PR) is given for permanent resident status in Canada but is not a Canadian citizen. If any foreign nationals apply for PR and receive permanent residency, they are considered PR visa in their passport. It  gives approved status to the individuals with one-time entry to Canada and has a validity period of stay during which individuals are expected to travel to Canada.

The Express Entry (EE) programme is the most popular and easy way to immigrate to Canada. One just needs to apply for an online immigration application for Express Entry. An EE application will determine your ranking and can be used to apply for further processes.

Why Choose the US for Canadian Immigration services?

Applying for Canadian immigration isn’t easy these days now. Canada is expecting a huge increase in citizenship applications by 40%. This leads to stricter language proficiency expectations, higher application fees, and stricter work permits.

  • We are experts in immigrations services and one can secure his/her path with our permanent residency citizenship services
  • We offer immigration services that support third-country national individuals and families.
  • Work with Canadian immigration consultants who can appeal unfavorable immigration decisions directly with Canada’s Immigration Appeal Division.